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Antigravitationskräfte #5

Datum & Zeit

vom 19. Mai 2022 um 10:00 Uhr bis 22. Mai 2022 um 20:00 Uhr



Deutsch-polnische Artisktik-Workshops
ca. 35 € Teilnehmerbeitrag

  1. – 22. Mai
    in Stettin
    Das Projekt startet am 19. Mai um 10 und endet am 22. Mai um 19 Uhr, wobei man nicht komplett teilnehmen muss.
    Die Anmeldung ist bis zum 31. März HIER möglich.

    Aus dem Einladungstext:

This 5th session will take place on 19th-22nd May in our new facilities in Szczecin. We understand that some of you may only be available at the weekend, and that is perfectly fine. You can indicate your days of availability in the application form at the bottom of this page. In comparison with the previous editions, we will focus more on open trainings and skill exchanges based on the involvement of participants. We will of course host workshops in aerial acrobatics, balancing (juggling, fire show, etc.) and we are also working Chinese pole sessions.
You can find the infopack on this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B9fKZKBvzyzqg1Fy8jwJ2od7u04Uz3jB/view?usp=sharing.
We invite you to fill in the form below if you are interested in participating, and to contact us if you have any questions: https://forms.gle/wdBbMGxLeg6hv1KD9

Kontakt: projekty[at]antygrawitacja.org

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