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  1. TPF

    Turbina Pomerania | Freiwilligendienst

    Grenzen-übergreifendes Engagement und interkulturelle Begegnungen ermöglichen? In der Euroregion Pomerania etwas bewirken?

  1. Artikel

    Leave No One Behind

    During the corona crisis, we should not close our eyes to what is happening in the world. In the camps on the Greek islands, more than 40,000 people still have to endure under inhuman conditions. The German government must act now, it must evacuate them now! We could not ...

  2. Artikel

    Freiwilligendienst in Zweiten von COVID-19

    COVID-19 und Freiwilligendienst Die Krise, die das Virus COVID-19 in vielen Ländern der Welt ausgelöst hat, betrifft auch uns und euch als Teilnehmende am Bundes- und Europäischen Freiwilligendienst. Viele Einsatzstellen haben geschlossen, Veranstaltungen, wie unser geplanter internationaler Partner*innen Workshop und unsere Abschlusskonferenz, sind bis auf Weiteres abgesagt. Einige von ...

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    VeRa, Verquer Radio

    VeRa is a radio run by the organization Verquer. You can listen to us on Thursdays at 9 am on all the even calendar weeks (Greifswald and nearby- 98,1 MHz, Neubrandenburg, and nearby- 88,0 MHz). On the thirst and the third Wednesday of the month, you can listen ...

  4. Artikel

    Solidarity with Klex

    On Saturday, February 1, we met at Marktplatz in Greifswald to protest against multiple attacks on the youth center Klex. It’s a cultural place where tolerance and democracy are always present. Right-wing extremists threatened members of the club. The perpetrators wanted to put Klex on fire, consciously accepting that ...

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    Friends are the family we choose for ourselves

    Thanks to volunteering, you can make friends with people from all around the world. Some friendships last forever, some don’t, but even those short ones give you valuable lessons about life, people, and your own self. Ramia is a volunteer from Algeria, Natalia is a volunteer from Poland. They ...

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    On arrival seminar in Hannover

    Hello! I'm Natalia- EVS volunteer at Turbina Pomerania. In November I went to Hannover together with Ramia from GRIStuF and Rutkay from Demokratiebahnhof station for an on-arrival seminar in Hannover. We met there with other EVS and ESC volunteers working in Germany. It was a great experience because we ...

  7. Artikel

    Human Rights and Climate Change

    Will climate change lead us to humans rights abusement? Are rights to life, food, water and nationality threatened? What difficulties women, children and indigenous people will face during climate crisis? In November during the climate change and human rights workshop, those were the most important topics for the Turbina’s ...

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    One day in Szczecin- Pomorze pomoże?

    On seminars in Ramin, volunteers made friends with one another. They became fond of Szczecin- a city on the other side of the border. We had decided to visit our Polish neighbors, so we went on a one day trip to Szczecin. At Sztowarzyszenie Polites’ office, Szymon prepared for us ...

  9. Artikel

    What did volunteers do in Ramin?

    I started my voluntary service by participating in a seminar that was taking place in Ramin, a charming cross-border village. For five days I and other EVS volunteers but also local and BFD volunteers were taking part in workshops prepared by Ania from Stowarzyszenie Polites, Claudia from Turbina Pomerania and ...